Our mission

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Here at GoKids, we want to make it easy for parents to offer their children a ready-to-go snack or bite to eat that is not only tasty but also balanced.

All GoKids products have been developed in cooperation with a child nutrition expert and are

  • organic;
  • and thus free from preservatives;
  • as well as free from artificial flavours and colours;
  • available in handy portion sizes; and
  • ideal for on the go – at the playground, when doing sports, at school or in the car.

All products are optimally designed to meet the needs of children as best as possible. GoKids also offers products high in protein and fibre that are sweetened just enough to appeal to kids’ taste buds.

How it all began

GoKids originated in the House of PEZ. Our keen interest in finding out what kids really want became much keener when we experienced our very own baby boom.

Now we all know that the wishes and expectations of us adults don’t always coincide with those of our little darlings. So, when it came to discussing and debating food quirks, things soon got rather lively and animated amongst us colleagues: Do kids reject all things healthy on principle? Does the motto “eat slowly when your parents are in a hurry” generally apply? Do kids think food-splattered walls look better?

We eventually started wondering what kind of food would

  • appeal to children;
  • be healthy;
  • be edible on the go; and
  • make as little mess as possible while eating it.

And this is how the first ideas began to sprout. But while we may be experts when it comes to our own children, we are by no means experts in healthy eating, which is why we enlisted the help of child nutrition expert and book author Martina Backhausen. Since then, we have been developing products that are both organic and meet the requirements mentioned above.


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Staff in the spotlight


Our Nutrition Expert

Martina Backhausen

She is a dietician and child nutrition expert with her own practice in Vienna, has contributed to various research studies on child nutrition, launched the initiative ‘Healthy eating for children’ and wrote reference books on the subject of nutrition. Her expertise ensures that our products constitute a balanced diet and contain an optimal blend of ingredients.