Our mission

Tim mit Springschnur

Here at GoKids, we want to make it easy for parents to offer their children a ready-to-go snack or bite to eat that is not only tasty but also balanced.

All GoKids products have been developed in cooperation with a child nutrition expert and are

  • organic;
  • and thus free from preservatives;
  • as well as free from artificial flavours and colours;
  • available in handy portion sizes; and
  • ideal for on the go – at the playground, when doing sports, at school or in the car.

All products are optimally designed to meet the needs of children as best as possible. GoKids also offers products high in protein and fibre that are sweetened just enough to appeal to kids’ taste buds.

How it all began

GoKids originated in the House of PEZ. Our keen interest in finding out what kids really want became much keener when we experienced our very own baby boom.

Now we all know that the wishes and expectations of us adults don’t always coincide with those of our little darlings. So, when it came to discussing and debating food quirks, things soon got rather lively and animated amongst us colleagues: Do kids reject all things healthy on principle? Does the motto “eat slowly when your parents are in a hurry” generally apply? Do kids think food-splattered walls look better?

We eventually started wondering what kind of food would

  • appeal to children;
  • be healthy;
  • be edible on the go; and
  • make as little mess as possible while eating it.

And this is how the first ideas began to sprout. But while we may be experts when it comes to our own children, we are by no means experts in healthy eating, which is why we enlisted the help of child nutrition expert and book author Martina Backhausen. Since then, we have been developing products that are both organic and meet the requirements mentioned above.


Marie fängt Schmetterling

Staff in the spotlight


She is our in-house innovator. The one that pushes through any ideas she really believes in. Which is probably why she’s always on the go and can’t stand being idle. Although her two children are slowly outgrowing her care, Gabriele still recalls the days when she would stand in the kitchen early in the morning making their packed lunches – which they never used to eat anyway.


As yet, he only knows how complicated children can be at meal times from the stories he’s heard – and for his sake, we hope it stays that way. His son’s diet is only just starting to slowly develop – with each new type of food being welcomed with great joy and curiosity. Hans is involved in making all important decisions and plans for GoKids.


Raised on an organic farm, her love of nature and knowledge of healthy eating is virtually inherent. Which explains why many of the brilliant ideas we have for GoKids stem from her. Her passion and enthusiasm ensure that these ideas are transformed into real products. Doris is also an aunt to six wonderful girls, with whom she enjoys spending much of her time. Not only to the delight of Doris and her nieces, but most of all their parents, who have really come to appreciate this child-free time.


He is our very own nutrition expert, ensuring our products meet the high-quality standards that we as parents expect of children’s products. Mario is only too happy to pass on his extensive knowledge of food and a balanced diet to his two sons. He hopes to inspire them with his love of cooking – and his plan seems to be working.


As a mother of two adorable children, she knows only too well how difficult it can be to have the right food ready at the right time. Which is why she is extremely grateful for the GoKids products. She is equally enthusiastic about them when talking to our retail partners.


She is a proud and doting aunt whose ambition is to be nothing less than the best aunt in the world at all times for her little niece. Here with us, she ensures that GoKids can also be sold in stores.


Vanilla shortbread, gingerbread biscuits or cinnamon star cookies? No problem for Sarah’s young nephew, whose favourite past-times since nursery have included baking biscuits and cookies with his aunt – and not just before Christmas. Sarah makes sure that the right amount of GoKids products are produced at the right time and sent to the right address.


She is very fortunate to have a son who is not a picky eater – he even likes spinach! But even Christina’s kitchen is a hive of activity – especially in summer, when it’s time to make jam and compote out of apricots and peaches. She is our online expert for GoKids.


Our social media expert is brimming with ideas when it comes to content that could be interesting for young parents – and no wonder, given that she herself is a mum to two little boys whose tastes couldn’t be more different: one loves a good old schnitzel and fries, while the other prefers fish and parsley potatoes. Or sausages and ketchup versus vegan patties and vegetables – which doesn’t really make cooking any easier. Thankfully, both of them have found something they like at GoKids.


Her most important kitchen accessory is a huge frying pan. Big enough in which to make three different types of pasta sauce: one for son number 1, one for son number 2 and one for mum and dad. This saves space on the cooker and time spent washing up, while keeping the kids happy. What appeals to Gerhild most about GoKids is the fact that everything is so wonderfully simple. She takes care of all of our communications – and makes sure our website is filled with meaningful content.


Our Nutrition Expert

Martina Backhausen

She is a dietician and child nutrition expert with her own practice in Vienna, has contributed to various research studies on child nutrition, launched the initiative ‘Healthy eating for children’ and wrote reference books on the subject of nutrition. Her expertise ensures that our products constitute a balanced diet and contain an optimal blend of ingredients.