The GoKids Products


This porridge is unique: squeeze-packed and ready to enjoy, kids can also eat it on the go – without making a mess! GoKids porridge is enjoyed at ambient temperature without being heated up. This means we have developed the first ever ready-made porridge to go – and are just as hugely proud of the idea as we are of the product we have created. An additional practical benefit of our porridge is that the packs – and thus the children – focus entirely on the flavour rather than on the typical appearance of porridge. Simply delicious.



GoKids snacks not only taste great, they also meet the requirements of a balanced children’s snack. All snacks provide a valuable source of protein, are rich in fibre and free from preservatives, artificial flavours and colours. They are organically produced and packed in individual portions.



As far as the ingredients are concerned, our Cookie Sticks have little to do with conventional biscuits. This is because in comparison, they have an exceptionally low sugar content and only approximately half as much fat. Instead, our Cookie Sticks are rich in wholemeal spelt flour, protein and fibre. Like all GoKids products, they are produced in compliance with organic quality requirements and are of course free from preservatives, artificial flavours and colouring agents. GoKids Cookie Sticks are portioned for children, but are ideally suited as snacks for vegans as well.