Game ideas

Ben spielt Fußball mit Kroko

It’s good to move about.
It’s fun to play.

Physical activity not only promotes the development of a child’s motor skills, it also helps build muscles and bones, strengthens the immune system, helps reduce aggression and anxiety and increases the ability to concentrate. Group activities in particular also promote psychological and social development.

Here we will regularly show you games that are particularly popular with GoKids children and their parents.

Game ideas for and by active kids


Tim’s favourite game at the moment:
Snatching pegs

  • Materials: pegs

You and all the other children clip two pegs to your clothes, e.g. one on your T-shirt and one on your trousers. As soon as everyone is ready, someone starts the game. Best decide beforehand who should start the game to avoid any quarrelling. Maybe there is an adult around who could take on this role. Or you could play some music, e.g. your favourite song.

Now try to get the pegs off the other children’s clothes. Naturally while the other children are also trying to do the same. There are only two rules:

  • As soon as you get a peg, you have to clip it to your own clothes.
  • You’re only allowed to take one peg at a time from each child and not two in a row.

The game is over when the music stops or someone signals the end. The child with the most pegs wins.


This is one of Marie’s favourite games at the moment: Snake tail catching

  • Materials: a cloth

My gran said she used to play this game when she was little! Here’s how it goes:

Line up, one behind the other, and hold onto each other’s shoulders or waist. Stuff a cloth in the trousers of the last child. Now the child at the front is the snake’s head and the cloth is the snake’s tail. The snake’s head now has to catch the snake’s tail. The other children stick by the snake’s tail and try to dodge the snake’s head. If the head still manages to catch the tail, a new snake is formed.