Questions and answers

Can you set aside the porridge once it’s opened?
If so, how and for how long?

Since GoKids porridges are free from preservatives, once opened, they must be consumed on the same day.

Do your products contain added vitamins or minerals? vitamins or minerals?

No, GoKids products have been kept as natural as possible, which is why they contain no added vitamins or minerals.

Can youheat up the porridges?

GoKids porridges are ready to eat and have been designed to taste best at room temperature. They are not meant to be heated up and the packaging is not suitable for this purpose.

Why does the porridge contain milk?

We have tried a recipe without milk, but to be honest, our child testers found the taste quite boring. And because it is important that our products not only constitute a balanced diet but also appeal to children, we have decided to stick with the milk recipe.

Marie am Schmetterling